Dr. Donald James Richardson, DC, CCSP, DACBSP, CSCS

Sports Medicine Specialist

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Dr. Richardson, a southern California native, has a passion for sports, science, and the human body, which led him to pursue his post-graduate specialty degrees in sports medicine, biomechanics, rehabilitation, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sports performance.   Dr. Richardson has worked for the United States Olympic Committee with several different sports since 2008.  During this time he has served as both a team doctor and strength and conditioning coach, traveling nationally and internationally with our Olympic athletes. Most recently he has traveled with the USA Volleyball teams to the World Championships and Pan American Games as lead doctor.  

This led him to continue his career at a multidisciplinary physical medicine and rehabilitation center.  Dr. Richardson served as the rehabilitation director, teaching human movement from the ground up.  "I take great pride in finding and diagnosing the root cause of the pathology which leads to the long term dysfunction many people suffer from today.  It is only through re-training the root cause of our dysfunctions, that we can truly heal.”  Dr. Richardson’s unique variety of specialty training has allowed him to fulfill this dynamic. “Having had the privilege and honor of working in many aspects of physical medicine and the musculoskeletal system has allowed me to integrate all aspects of care.” 

Dr. Richardson’s drive, determination, and expertise, has led him to venture into creating his own private practice back in his hometown of Toluca Lake, CA.  Universal Sports Performance Center is the culmination of all aspects of sports, health, and fitness.  Offering services ranging from sports medicine, injury care, rehabilitation, Chiropractic care, physiotherapy, injury prevention, sports performance training, personal fitness training, nutritional and diet programming, among other health care services, makes Universal Sports Performance Center a true one-stop shop for anyone looking to improve his or her health, fitness, and performance goals.  “My unique combination of experiences has allowed me to create the ultimate training environment for people of all levels to achieve their goals, whether that is just getting back in shape to enjoy the life they deserve, or taking performance to the highest level.”

Dr. Richardson also has served as an associate professor at Southern California University, where he has taught biomechanics, rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning at the graduate level.  Dr. Richardson is currently writing a book discussing the topics of human movement education and biomechanics in relation to musculoskeletal pathology. 

Director of Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Ron Saltman, DC
Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Saltman has been in family practice for over two decades. In addition to his clinical experience, he has undergone extensive training in foundational nutritional therapies, and continues to train and collaborate with the country's top clinical nutritionists and herbalists. Dr. Saltman is one of only a few specialists with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree who is certified in the use of the acoustic cardiograph, which tests for nutritional deficiencies in organ dysfunction by interpreting heart sounds.

Nutritional therapy is designed to restore health and increased energy by diagnosing and regulating imbalances within the body's nervous and digestive systems. Through the use of consultations, case and family history, and diagnostic tests, we can determine nutritional deficiencies caused by genetic traits, disease, poor diet, and emotional stress. Testing of the autonomic nervous system can identify food sensitivities, mineral deficiencies, and decreased organ functions, as well as review environmental toxins within the body.An evaluation begins with a symptom survey form, as well as Dr. Saltman taking a case history regarding your diet and lifestyle choices. This helps him discern whether or not your body is functioning normally or at a diminished level. The diagnostic process can also reveal whether you are healthier than your age or aging more rapidly than is normal for your number of years. "Through muscle testing, acoustic cardiograph, and analysis of body fat composition, I've been employed to identify the key areas within the body that need support and determine the proper protocol to repair nutrition deficiencies. 

Director of Orthopedics

Dr. Behrooz Broukhim, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Sports Medicine Specialist

Behrooz (aka Bruce) Broukhim, MD, Board-certified orthopedic surgeon, received his medical degree and internship from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. He also interned and completed his orthopedic residency at Yeshiva University Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He also completed a fellowship in sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery and reconstructive knee surgery at Sherman Oaks Hospital with Martin E. Blazing, MD. 

Dr. Broukhim is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic surgery, the Arthroscopy Association of North America, and the International Society of Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Surgery. He's also a qualified medical examiner by the state of California. HIs clinical areas of expertise include orthopedic surgery, arthroscopic, sports injuries, hip-knee joint replacement surgery and nonsurgical management for all spinal injuries. Dr. Broukhim speaks English and Farsi. Dr. Broukhim is a member of the Providence St. Joseph medical staff providing care in orthopedic surgery

Director of Sports Medicine and Sports performance


Orlando McGuire
​Gymnastics Coach, Martial Artist, Stuntman, Crossfit

​Orlando McGuire, a San Antonio native, began his athletic career as a competitive gymnast and martial artist. Orlando is skilled in many martial art disciplines including aikido, Thai kickboxing, American kickboxing, and Capoeira. He has been coaching both elite-level national gymnasts, expert martial artists, Hollywood stuntmen, and Crossfit trainers for the last 10 years, and understands the needs of high performance athletes.  This work eventually led Orlando to work with many injured populations, giving him extensive experience in adapting performance training into rehabilitative techniques.  His strength in explaining the mechanics of the body makes Orlando an excellent performance technician.

Assistant Rehabilitation & Performance Technician

Leah Gottlieb


Leah Gottlieb's journey into fitness education, pulled by a deep desire to understand the science of the human body and how to heal it,has been part natural design and part accident. Though she was always an active child and energetic child in theater and the arts, she had shied away from conventional sports. She did not discover she was athletically talented until she began working with professional trainers and studying the body sciences as a young adult.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Leah earned four certifications covering a gamut of fitness methodologies from ISSA, CrossFit, and USA Weightlifting. To broaden her understanding of the human mind and add additional counseling services for both professional businesses and personal development, Leah also became a certified Myers Briggs practitioner.

She specializes in corrective movement and teaching people the fundamentals of proper biomechanics. Her mission is to connect people to their bodies and teach them how to resolve their own pain and discomfort.