Your body is like a million-dollar thoroughbred racehorse or a Ferrari. You would not give the cheapest food to your racehorse nor the cheapest fuel with additives to your Ferrari. Why would you put food with additives in your diet to fuel yourself? I personally eat as close to the Paleo diet as possible because this is a philosophy of whole nutritional food with as few processed and chemical additives as possible - the way our ancestors ate. There are many Paleo books in the market, but I find The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain to be the most informative and basic. 

Nutrition Book

If you want to perform at your peak, you will need to optimize the way you eat and how to maximize your body's hormones. Many people struggle with their energy, not knowing how to eat and when to eat for macronutrient cycling. I believe Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faign, is one of the foremost books to understanding how nutrition and hormones effect your performance in daily life, helping you to stay youthful, as well as for the peak performance athlete. This book is a must for any serious athlete or health advocate.


Leukotape is non-stretchy. It is more hard and rigid and works best with injuries that require more stability.

Exercise Mat

For many of the core stabilization exercises and biomechanical training, many people like to have their knees, hips, and backs cushioned for a comfortable and protected workout session on the floor.


Many of our clients learn to tape themselves at their own athletic events and practice with the techniques we show them in office. Kinesio Tape is stretchy and works well with biomechanical corrections and posture. It's more simplistic in structure.

Protein Powder

In addition to the nutritional products we have in office, some people like to have other protein products to purchase. I believe Isopure is some of the purest protein supplement drink in the market.

If you want to save space for a rack of 7 pairs of dumbbells plus save some money, the Bowflex gives you the entire weight set in 2 dumbbells. Simply dial in the weight desired and you immediately have the pounds you want to lift. 


As we use weights in our programs, some clients want to use them at home to practice on their own and maximize their time away from us to train on their own. The standard dumbbells come in different weights and you can purchase each weight size pairs individually. If you don't have many weight variations you use, this is the recommended way to go. 

Resistance Bands

If you want to get an economical efficient workout, I recommend using bands for resistance. Some bands have straps and are tubular shaped, while others are flat exercise bands. Both bands are fantastic for isolating movement to specific areas such as shoulder stability. They are small, convenient and don't take up much space in your home. Lot of people do not have access to large gym equipment. Instead, they need simple and yet practical equipment that is versatile for practicing their assigned exercises at home.

Pain Therapy

Many of my clients who are managing chronic or acute pain find relief using TENS therapy at home. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) uses electrical stimulation from the device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic use for dulling pain or injury recovery on the go on an as needed basis. The Zewa Spabuddy is convenient and reasonably priced for in home use.

Foam Rollers

If you want to move and feel like a panther, you will want to roll out your muscles. Foam rollers are great for working on core stability when laying on top of it. For that reason, I recommend the 36" foam roller only as you can fully recline on your back for the exercises you learn with our method.

Better Posture Easier

We recommend Intelliskin to many of our clients who want to improve their posture, neck, back, and/or shoulder biomechanics, and alleviate painful conditions such as shoulder impingement.  Intelliskin is also fantastic for athletes training for improved performance mechanics. If you would like to receive a $5 discount, click on the buy button below and use the PROMO code: 03937